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It was the fall of the fifth year of the fanatical wizard Werdna that our campaign began. What season or year it is now, none of us knows. I believe we are on the ninth level of this accursed maze, but time and distance are even shifting, and reality is fleeting.

As we break camp. my five companions and I sort out our weapons and supplies. We have accumulated wondrous treasures and mighty weapons. Dreams of returning to enjoy the subtle pleasures that this shared booty could bring fill our wakeful sleep. Sezmar, the samurai; Sarah, the priest; and I, a ninja, are the vanguard. Moradin, the thief; Prospero, the mage; and Tuck, the bishop, bring up the rear.

We slowly make our way down the zigzagging corridor. Suddenly, the eldritch light cast by Sarah's Lomilwa spell reveals a secret door. Kicking the door open, we charge into a small room. Unfortunately, the hellhounds, demons and deadly creeping coins do not welcome company. A fierce battle ensues that shakes the very foundations of the maze. I slay one demon with my bare hands, while Sezmar dispatches hellhounds with his Muramasa blade. The tide of battle turns and twists in a kaleidoscope of weapons and mystical energies. Finally Prospero ends it. While Sarah shields us behind a Maporfic spell, Prospero casts the dreaded Tiltowait. We are victorious.

Bare, magic-blasted walls hardly reward our heroic effort. Our luck suddenly takes a dramatic turn - downward! The secret chute masks the hidden entrance to the tenth level. The final path to Werdna's lair is open. As we are standing around, slapping each other on the back, the air is pierced with a maniacal laugh…Werdna waits! Sobered, we regroup, heal our wounds, and set out again. We have no delusions; our greatest challenge lies ahead.

Resolutely raising our banners high, we stealthily tiptoe forward. We quickly vanish into the stygian darkness. Momentarily, our banner shines with gold and silver dragons of Hawkwind's Hunters, then it too vanishes as distant sounds of battle reverberate.

- Book 1, Chapter 9, the Chronicles of Hawkwind