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Wizardry Archives

Bane of the Cosmic Forge

(c) Copyright by Unknown


Llylgamyn is not what it once was.

The kingdom has fallen and its people have moved on.

Five generations after the defeat of the Maelstrom a new King was born. So loved was he that the royal family was once again granted merit in the political system of Llylgamyn. Eventually the council decided to dissolve and to restore exclusive rulership royal family.

It was not long for the true colors of the King to shine through. Rumors quickly spread throughout the kingdom of his alliance with demonic beings, and his dabble in the dark arts. His queen was whispered to be a perverse harlot, torturing men of the kingdom for her own pleasure. In an attempt to gain more power, the King joined forces with an unknown wizard. Together they began to wage magical war on other planes of existence. During one of their battles they became aware of an artifact of amazing power.

The Cosmic Forge.

The Cosmic Forge is a magical pen of divine power. No one is sure of it's origin, but it is said then whatever words were written with the pen would we woven into the fabric of the universe, and thus would become reality.

The King and the Wizard managed to obtain the pen, they scripted things so unspeakable that no man can attempt to even imagine the horrors. Fortunately the two soon became jealous of the power that they had discovered, and they engaged each other in an epic battle.

Legends say that the lights of magic could be seen flashing in the windows of the castle, and the very ground shook. Eventually everything fell quiet, and neither the King nor the wizard were seen again.

That was nearly one hundred and twenty years ago. The kingdom is no more, it's name is remembered by very few. No one know what happened to the king, the wizard, or the pen. But now, a group of adventurers is about enter the ancient castle, and all that is about to change....

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