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Wizardry 8

(c) Copyright by Unknown


Arnika is the natural destination for any traveler visiting the planet Dominus. Arnika is home to the Higardi, this world's most civilized, advanced race. In normal times, the city is a busy, peaceful commercial center.

Yet these are not normal times. Rumors of the coming Ascension have attracted all manner of strangers to Dominus. At first the Higardi welcomed the new arrivals with open arms, even allowing the inquisitive Mook to set up a research station within their city.

Then the Dark Savant arrived in his Black Ship. The Savant immediately cut off Arnika's port, shooting down any ship that tried to land. He sent his army of Savant Troopers into the city, searching frantically for some unnamed artifact. And he erected a massive tower on the edge of town, a tower designed to intimidate the population into submitting to his rule.

Arnika is now only a shadow of what it once was. Its City Hall lies in ruins, its spaceport has been closed, and much of its population has fled in terror. At times, Savant Troopers wander the streets. Still, the brave few who remain in the city offer what help they can to the weary traveler.

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