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Legacy of Llylgamyn

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A generation has passed in the Kingdom of Llylgamyn since an intrepid band of adventurers regained the ancient armor of the Knight of Diamonds and restored the Staff of Gnilda. Peace and prosperity have prevailed. Under the protection of the Staff, Llylgamyn has become a place of light and beauty, where war and its tools are unknown. Recently, however, the tranquility of Llylgamyn has been disturbed, not by angry men and bloody war, but rather by unbalanced nature. For years, unsettling accounts of freak earthquakes, sudden changes in climate, and thundering storms have reached the ears of Llylgamyn's people. Most have ignored them.

When the formerly gentle seas around the prosperous island colony of Arbithea rose and swamped the island, no one could ignore the signs any longer. The tidal wave destroyed the cities and left only barren peaks above the water. Soon after, Llylgamyn herself was shaken by an earthquake so mighty that even the Temple of Gnilda was damaged. Nearby volcanoes were woken from their ancient slumbers. Self-appointed prophets cried of divine wrath, and demanded immediate repentance. Mystics consulted the Tarot. Astrologers warned of great comets in the heavens that will crash into the planet, bringing utter destruction. Priests of the old religions talk of the death of the Great World Serpent and the end of existence.

Wiser heads call for a new generation of adventurers of all kinds and creeds to seek the cause of the troubles. Like their ancestors before them, the adventurers' quest is to save Llylgamyn from perils that face the city. The greatest Sages and Wizards of the kingdom have agreed - only one relic has the scrying power to reveal the source of the danger. A mystical orb long ago taken by the great dragon L'kbreth is the only solution. L'kbreth, one of the five children of the World Serpent, is dedicated to the preservation of the balance of the world. She deemed that the great orb might upset the balance if left in the hands of men. Legend says the dragon took the orb to her mountain lair, and there invoked the powers of good and evil to protect the orb from thieves.

The leaders of Llylgamyn now appeal to you, the descendants of the heroes and heroines of the Knight of Diamonds, the children of the survivors of the Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. Take up their memories and their skills, and seek out the dragon L'kbreth. Win from her the mystical Orb of Earithin.

You proudly step forward to accept the quest. Aided by the spirits of your ancestors you feel confident that you will be able to succeed. From this day forward you will take the name of your legendary forefathers, and through a mystical ceremony you will be able to speak with their spirit and ask for guidance. From there you and the other descendents will be all alone. You must make your way to the ruined palace and from their climb your way to the top of the mountain. But be forewarned, only good and evil working together can hope to retrieve the orb. This adventure may taint your very soul with darkness.

That is a risk you will have to take.

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